Aussie Captain and owner/operator Marcus Keeshan has been chartering the Banyak Islands for 15 years. One of the original pioneers of the Banyaks, Marcus has discovered and named waves and knows the region like the back of his hand. Together with his wife Ayu in the galley they know how to deliver an amazing surf holiday.


Pulse is one of the best surf charter boats in Indonesia. If not the best. Family owned and operated since 2003. Our purpose built luxury powercat, the amazing catering, the crew, and the magic of the Banyak Islands really does make a charter on Pulse second to none! Also, we are not afraid to chase the dozen or so world-class waves all within close proximity in and around the Banyaks. Charters are all inclusive – including internal air transfers, photo/video package and we don’t count your beers!


Back in the early days discovering and surfing waves in the Banyaks by ourselves on crusty Indo fishing boats are memories that will last forever, but the magic still happens. We just found a sick, little left!

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