The 2018 tracks charter guide

MV Addiction

WEB: addictionsurfing.com

EMAIL: thomas@addictionsurfing.com

INSTA: @addictionsurfing

PHONE: +628116666403

  • Sleeps: 10
  • Nights: 12
  • Package: Available upon request
  • Region(s): Mentawai, Telos, North Sumatra


Mentawais Perfection. Luxury High-Speed Catamaran. Better Sleep. Better Food. Better Surfing. Addiction is not the cheapest surf charter, and that is for a reason. Our guests get perfect waves with fewer people. Our clients deserve better than to spend their limited vacation time waiting for crowded or inconsistent waves. Addiction is uncompromising in our commitment to deliver better surf. The fact that you eat like a king and sleep like a baby are just a bonus. Our team knows exactly where to go to get you the surf that your group is looking for. Scoring perfect waves aboard the Addiction is a habit that nobody wants to break.


The Mentawai Islands are possibly the most famous surf destination in the world. With broad exposure to Indian Ocean swells, The Mentawais has remarkable consistency and quality. There are great waves year-round. However, the most ideal time to surf in the Mentawais is late March to early November.


We deliver perfect, uncrowded waves, custom selected to suit our guests’ skills and preferences. Because we have the speed/range, we can explore the full surfing possibilities in the Ments. Mentawais.