The 2018 tracks charter guide

Santana Laut

Soul Surf Travel

  • Sleeps: 12
  • Nights: 12
  • Package: AUD $4,200
  • Region(s): Mentawais, Telo, Nias, Banyaks


The Santana Laut is a 21-metre ex-trawler converted to a premium surf charter boat in 2015, so all amenities are clean, modern and comfortable. With 8 cabins, 6 with double beds, air conditioning and a large shaded outdoor area the Santana Laut can accommodate up to 21 guests but limits surf trips to 12 surfers. Mentawaiian legend Doris Eltherington heads up the operation along with veteran Australian Captain John Shawcross and a dedicated, experienced crew. The Santana Laut delivers everything you’ve come to expect from a killer surf charter, while adding something a little more “boutique” for guests. The culinary realm where the Santana Laut really shines. They are passionate about health and this is reflected in the amazing food served on board.


A charter on board Santana Laut can deliver you straight into the lineup of every dream wave in the Mentawais chain as well as the Telo Islands and the Banyaks.


The Santana Laut now offers organic food and yoga packages to keep you energised and fresh for long sessions in the water.