The 2018 tracks charter guide

Sharifa Surfaris

World Surfaris

  • Sleeps: 12
  • Nights: 10
  • Package: AUD $3,232
  • Region(s): Outer Atolls


Sharifa offers a guest experience like no other. Operating all season in the acclaimed Outer Atolls, Sharifa is a wave hunting machine with the main objective of finding you and your frothing mates uncrowded world class waves for 10 days. Throw in 3 hearty meals a day prepared by your on-board chef, an experienced crew and an experienced surf guide, you have the recipe for one of the greatest surf trips of your life. Sharifa is all about 'you'. Come back stoked and ready to do it all again the next year!


Gaafu Dhaal OR Huvadhoo Atoll is known for being the go to atoll during the early and late surf season of the Maldives swell window. However constant swells from the South bombard these tiny islands all season offering up great surf season long.

Sharifa will be guided by local guide and fan favorite Hoobx who grew up surfing waves in the region like Beacons, Tiger Stripes, Blue Bowls and Love Charms.

Although winds can be challenging at times having an experienced local guide who understands the weather patterns is a huge positive for all on board. Being able to navigate to waves protected from prevailing winds or simply motoring during periods that help maximise surf time could be the difference between and epic charter and an average one.


The Sharifa is the only surf charter operating all season in the Outer Atolls allowing you to escape the crowds. Hoobx is one of the best surfers, friendliest and well-respected guides in the Maldives and if he cant find you the waves of your life no one will.