Tahiti is in the rear-view mirror and Trestles is just around the corner, but here is a little photographic reflection on the Billabong Pro, Teahupoo from the sidelines.  

Being the only chick in the boys club is more often than not my favourite place to be. (It’s probably why I love surfing so much if I’m honest) Being the only chick and the only kook in the WSL media boat boys club was however, utterly hilarious for all involved. Anyway here are the snaps. Throwback to Tahiti and just to add a bit of context, we are on the tip of an island in the middle of the South Pacific with a population of less than the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It rains a lot in the tropics, so if you ever get down to Chopes, be smarter than I was and take a raincoat!