At a glance twin fins suggest they will transport you to a more Zen-like space. Pick one up and they promise a path of least resistance, where speed, flow and style trump the more forced jam, hack and slash of a thruster. In its many guises, the twin fin still seems to inspire a sense of mystique and wonder.

Tracks recently embarked on a twin fin odyssey through the Maldives. For two weeks it was double or nothing for Asher Pacey, Tyler Warren, Matt Meola, Chippa Wilson and Robbie Rickard. Speed limits were broken, cloud-tickling punts lofted, and the boundaries of twin fin surfing redefined.

On board to capture the action were renowned sharpshooter Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams and filmmaker Tyson Lloyd. Yesterday we featured the clip; today we bathe in the intimacy of Simon's still frames.

To watch the clip click here, or you can find it below.

A big thanks to Liquid Destination for having us onboard.