Today there had been hopes that the Indian Ocean would awake from yesterday’s snooze and we’d get a full day of competition, but no such luck. The waves in the currently laconic Balinese waters are even smaller and more inconsistent. Currently the event is on hold, and we may get a start at around 3pm Oz time, but we’re not holding our breath.

To help get you through the downtime we’ve pieced together a gallery of the best freesurf action from during the event window. It comes courtesy of Mr. Ryan Miller aka ‘Bad Boy Ry Ry’ and his young offsider Jack Barrip.

These two have been braving the nuclear Balinese heat day in day out, or whenever Ryan can be prized away from his TV set where he’s been indulging in his new found passion for watching Basketball, to capture the world’s best for our viewing pleasure, and god bless them for doing so.