Photos: Ben Bugden @benbugdenphoto

The ocean had a new energy this morning. Not much bigger but definitely a new feel. More refined, cleaner and a longer period. As always the surfers maximised the freesurf time before the ski swept in, brushing everyone down the line like breadcrumbs.

Jordy looked like he meant business and in the time these images were taken, somehow managed to be on the three best waves from behind the rock, getting tunnelled on each to the cheer of the crowd. The lad means business, today will be a big day for Jordy.

Speaking of big, the first heat of the day was as big as it gets. Owen Wright and his fairytale return from injury up against the hometown favourite Mick Fanning in his first event back from self-imposed tour exile.

The two sauntered onto the jump rock and readied themselves for the showdown. Mick, steely and silent as ever - pure focus. Owen was also silent but there seemed a serene energy emanating from the tall goofyfooter. You get the feeling that after everything he has been through, every moment is a blessing.