As we’re all aware, the Quik pro kicks off tomorrow, and the general consensus is that it will run. Which is great for those hanging to see the 2018 season get underway. What’s not so great however are the waves.

It’s an odd scene at Snapper right now. If someone told you there was 4-5ft of SE swell and SSE winds, you’d be forgiven for thinking it should be pretty damn fun, if not pumping. However, the bank is in far from pristine condition. A big hole plagues the expanse between the top section and Little Marley, which is deep and full, and the sweep is nothing short of brutal, sucking all but the fittest of surfers straight off the point and into burgerland.

Griffin Colapinto was heard to remark that once you exited the keyhole and made a break for the lineup, you had about 20 seconds to catch a wave before you’re totally out of position. And for the majority of the morning session today it was one wave per runaround. Pick a dud and you’re left on the fat part of the bank, a runaround you’re only option to try your luck again on the only shallow section of sand.

How this plays out when completion gets underway will be interesting. By all accounts the sand is being pumped, and the bank is extending, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Perhaps the most notable thing about this mornings session was the lack of tour attendees willing to take on the less-than-ideal conditions. This is the day before competition, usually at this critical time the lineup is heavily populated with tour surfers looking to do some last minute dialling in of equipment. You can’t blame them though, it’s hardly inspiring out there today.

However, tomorrow is another day and we’ve all got our fingers crossed for some fun waves.

All photos by Ben Bugden @benbugdenphoto