Photo: Ben Bugden @benbugdenphoto

After yesterday’s uninspiring bluebottle infused slop, Commissioners Perrow and Miley-Dyer breathed a sigh of relief upon waking this morning. The wind had swung offshore, the swell had risen and there were some breathing pits behind the rock. Today their job would be easy.

But before the contest could be called on, competitors and free surfers alike scrambled to get a slice of the swell before the jet-skis entered the line-up and ushered them down to Rainbow Bay.

It was Joel Parkinson who found the bomb of the morning. A steep thick line, which erupted behind the rock, Joel lodged deep within … As if it was gonna be anyone else.

Jeremy Flores quipped that it was a cover shot for sure, while Julian Wilson and Lakey Peterson looked on from the shoulder, green with envy.

It should be a great day of competition at the Quiksilver Pro today, especially when the high-tide begins to drain.