It’s around this time of year that a good percentage of Aussie surfers begin getting itchy feet. No we’re not talking about a fungal infection from dirty wax, but rather the maddening bite of the travel bug. As Winter slowly rolls in we look north to Indo and start planning our escape. The lure of tropical tubes and Bintangs under Indonesian sunsets too much to bear.

To further entice, we’ve decided to run a weekly visual report on what the waves are doing in the Telo Islands. Tracks photog Simon ‘Swilly’ Williams is holed up a Resort Latitude Zero for the winter and every week he’ll be stuffing a scribbled report and a USB stick full of images in a bottle and tossing them into the Pacific to ride the currents all the way to the Tracks office.

This Week’s Report:

Wow what a week we have just had here in the Telo Islands. The chain was alive over the weekend. We managed sessions at three world class waves in six hours, and all of them were pumping. I could hardly move afterwards, but such a good feeling - surf stoked and sunburnt!

Sunday saw the swell back off a little but there were still good waves to be had by all.

Monday kicked again and gave us a great day of three-to-four-foot perfection in an epic location.

The swell has taken a well-earned rest at the moment, but thank God for that. We all needed a little bit of rest and relaxation, and what better place to do it at than Resort Latitude Zero.

Big shout out to Tim Spencer and his group for making the past 10 days so much fun.

Swilly would like to thank the following for their support:

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