1. Kelly and Andy, 2007

The Kelly and Andy rivalry spanned over a decade and breed some of the best competitive surfing we have ever seen. Some wonder whether we will ever witness another rivalry so fierce ever again. In the years leading up to Andy's passing the pair put their differences aside, made up and spent time in Tahiti filming for the surfing documentary, 'A Fly In Champagne'. Here Andy looks on and waves as Kelly threads a funneling tube.

2. CJ Hobgood, Momentum wave

CJ had only flown into Tahiti the night before from California but was one of the first guys in the line up for this perfect day. This wave grew as he paddled in and it has been described as the 'biggest' wave anyone has caught and ridden at Teahupoo by paddling in and not being 'towed in'. It featured in Taylor Steele's 'Momentum' film and has defined CJ's career.

3. Raimana and the jet ski

Raimana van Bastolaer almost lost his head after his tow partner, Reef McIntosh, ditched their ski in 2005. Raimana managed to duck in time and continue to get barreled the length of the reef as onlookers gasped in horror. After the incident Raimana, cool as a cucumber, said that he was more concerned about his tow partner. "It's only a machine and a machine can be repaired or replaced but not a man."

4. Rolling Thunder

Negotiating the channel on a big day at Teahupoo can be a herculean effort in itself. However there are few places in the world where you can get this close to mother nature showing her teeth and is something that will never leave you.

5. Andy Irons

Andy had an incredible relationship at Teahupoo. He made backside tube riding an art out here. Hands free, bolt upright and forever in control. This image took place during a two day swell session that included tow in and paddle in sessions featuring Top 45 surfers that became known as 'May Dayz'.

6. Shane Dorian

"Shane Dorian has become one of the best tow in surfers in the world after retiring from the professional surfing circuit. Here he rides one of the biggest waves of the session known around the world as 'May Dayz' which took palce on the 1st of May 2005," said Joli. He's now also one of the best paddle surfers in the world when it comes to heavy waves.

7. Laurie Towner

Who would of thought a country kid from the fishing village of Yamba on the far north coast of New South Wales would grow into a slab chasing, big wave wave hunting phenomenon. Loz has carved out a highlight reel of memorable waves at Teahupoo and during the 2011 Code Red swell he stood head and shoulders above the rest.

8. Dean Bowen

Laurie Towner's partner in crime is South Coast charger, Dean Bowen. During the same session Bowen was standout and put everyone on notice that he is one of the best tow surfers in the world.

9. Dylan Longbottom

The ringmaster of the trio, Dylan Longbottom has wrangled his share of mind bending barrels at The End Of The Road and been at the forefront of tow surfing for decades. This wave took place also during the 2011 swell and is a pulled back perspective of the power at Teahupoo.

10. Nathan Fletcher's atomic bomb

The wave that defies logic and reality. Nathan Fletcher's atomic bomb at Teahupoo remains the most incredible wave ridden at Teahupoo. Koa Rothman's wave last year was exceptional but Fletcher's was the heaviest and biggest on a day that has forever been burnt into our craniums.

All photos Peter Joli Wilson