The shark deterrent industry is rapidly growing in wake of attacks in Western Australia, Northern NSW, the NSW South Coast and Reunion Island. Safety is at the forefront of many surfers’ minds.

With many products already trickling into the market this Sunday 60 Minutes are set to feature a new product that may revolutionise the industry.

Shark Shield in collaboration with Ocean & Earth has developed a surf specific shark deterrent product called Freedom+Surf. The product is integrated in to the tail pad, with a sticker thin decal antenna under the board, and according to manufacturers is based on the world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested technology which will have no harmful effect on sharks.

The product will be available to purchase worldwide in August/September this year.

In a press release O&E said, “At O&E brand integrity and credibility are one of the most important and valuable assets we have. We would only every be involved with a product of this nature that is credible, functional and scientifically proven.

Tune in to 60 Minutes this Sunday 3 July at 9pm EST for the full report featuring 2x world champion Tom Carroll.

Learn more here and watch the trailer to Sunday's special on 60 Minutes here.