Another blog from the Electric camp on the North Coast of NSW were they are shooting  movie and more...

Well, I've been having a great week with all the Electric crew, as well as catch up with some of the local crew I grew up surfing with.
We've had some great sessions with the boys. I've been blown away with Ry & Craig's surfing.

I told Hoy over a beer yesterday I'm going to go surf by myself and practice at a secret location, then come out of nowhere and start doing turns like these guys. What their doing is totally blowing my mind.

We just had a crazy storm come through this afternoon. I was shooting some photos with Bacco for my coming Electric ad while the rest were down the beach playing some footie. Out of nowhere these huge black clouds came though, followed by a crazy wind, which created a mini tornado. It was insane.

All I need now to complete my trip here is a session with Hoy & Law out at Angourie. Thanks for checking out our pics, make sure you buy the next issue of Tracks Magazine to catch our trip on the DVD cover mount.

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