Issue 570 features Steph Gilmore on the cover, drifting the fins beyond the lip and leaving her indelible mark on a black and white wall. However, a riotous layback slash is not the only device Steph uses to leave a lasting impression on issue 570.

In an effort to give the edition a slightly more personal touch we contacted Steph and asked her to scribe her name in her own distinctive hand and send it over.

Fortunately the world champ was happy to oblige our request for an autograph and sent through the lettering that appears on the cover. We’re no handwriting specialists but we’d say the cursive signature resonates style and flow and boasts more than a hint of flair. You can see where we are going with this…

Whatever your take on our Steph cover it will certainly be considered a collectable in years to come. Get your hands on one now.