Australian stunt rider, Robbie Maddison, has done the unthinkable – riding a wave at Teahupoo on a motorbike.

In a video released by his sponsor DC Shoes this morning titled ‘Pipe Dream’ the Kiama local is shown dropping in to Chopes and bouncing down the line on his dirt bike. Scroll straight to 1:20 to see the proof.

According to reports his motorbike was modified with small skis on the front of the wheel and a propeller tyre on the back.

His sponsor DC Shoes released a statement:

“And for nearly two years Robbie has been focused on making surfing on his motorbike a reality. His efforts paid off in Tahiti, where he rode the world famous waves at Teahupoo at Papara.”

The Australian madman nicknamed “Maddo” is no stranger to crazy. He’s backflipped the Tower Bridge in London, cleared the Corinth Canal in Greece and acted as a stunt for Daniel Craig in the James Bond film series.

No matter how you swallow it this is some far out shit.