Yesterday URBANSURF Melbourne announced that they had installed its wave generator and will be pumping out perfect waves at Easter this year. The wave pool is set to become Australia’s first and will be located on a huge site in Tullamarine, just near the airport.

While major earthworks, civil construction and service installation are now mostly complete right now it looks like one big hole. However, once in operation the site promises to deliver up to 1000 waves per hour day and night and employ Wavegarden Cove technology.

URBNSURF Founder and Executive Director, Andrew Ross said, “We’re stoked with the progress that we’ve made on site over the last few months, with our next-generation wave generator successfully installed and the surf lagoon rapidly taking shape. When you walk around the lagoon and witness the scale of the structures, it’s hard to believe this was just a vacant piece of land less than 12 months ago.”

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for us at the moment – we can’t wait to turn on the hose, fill the lagoon, and start pumping out perfect waves around Easter when surfers from around the world are focused on the Australian leg of the surfing World Championship Tour.”

“We’ll be developing a range of new waves, trialling custom surfboard designs, and testing other surf equipment during our Winter commissioning period to ensure amazing experiences are delivered to our guests when we open in Spring. Our list of test pilots who want to surf it first is growing fast!”

If all goes to plan Melbourne won’t be the only URBNSURF wave pool in Australia. The company has already had plans approved for a Sydney facility at Olympic Park and is also lodging a DA for a site in Perth. While there is also another planned for regional Queensland.

You can sign up to test out the surf park before it opens here.