World Championship tour veteran Bede Durbidge has had his identity stolen and used on popular dating app Tinder, reports

“Mike” is apparently a 32-year-old “easygoing (sic) surfer from the sunny coast” the profile states.

It continues: “Mike” was “keen to chill, chat, hangout, get together, enjoy eachother (sic)”.

“My time is shared between here and my work in brissy (sic) so if you see me here let me know.”

Mrs Durbidge was apparently "shocked" after being shown the image from a friend and later shared the imposter’s profile to her private social media account wishing “Mike” good luck.

“I was shown this today – so excited to see my hubby on Tinder,” said Mrs Durbidge.

“Good luck Mike!!’

The post attracted many comments from fellow world tour surfers who used the opportunity to give Durbo plenty of stick.

“Hahah you must be a busy man,” Fanning said.

“Is it weird that I swiped right?” Slater said, joking about how the dating app’s matches work.

“This is the best thing ever,” said Joel Parkinson.

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