You arrive in the channel at cloudbreak. It’s six-to-eight feet and top to bottom over the notoriously hungry Fijian reef. Your about to paddle out when you’re told you’re only allowed to surf it with one arm tied behind you’re back. Do you still go? I know I wouldn’t, but Bethany Hamilton sure would and she’s about to do just that as the inspirational mother and shark attack survivor has just received a wildcard into the 2016 Fiji Pro.

"I am so excited to have the opportunity to be competing in the women's event at Cloudbreak,” Hamilton said. “I've been dreaming of surfing and competing there for years and I think the wave will suit my surfing! Seeing all the swell headed to Fiji has me pumped up! I know I'll have to surf strong and be heat smart to do well, I believe I can!"

"When the contest starts is around the time I gave birth to my son Tobias last year. It's been an amazing year full of beauty and challenge becoming a mom but also continuing my surfing career. I've loved working hard and I am feeling strong and sharp. With a lot of cross training and coming off a recent surf trip filming my film Surfs Like a Girl I feel good heading into this contest."

I for one will be cheering from the safety of my computer screen when Bethany takes the lineup for her heat.