While we may rely on phones and tablets for our surf footage fix, watching surfing on the big-screen remains the ultimate experience in sensory overload.

The wildly successful Byron Bay Film festival has once again included an eclectic selection of surf films in their program for 2020. The Surf films will be screened tomorrow night, Friday October 30, on the Big Screen at the Byron Theatre. More info and ticketing information at http://www.bbff.com.au Check out the trailers and overviews below.

The Armstrongs, Director Arthur Neumeier (South Africa)

The Armstrongs share strong bonds with each other and the ocean; making a point of placing well-being, unity, love and a genuine connection with nature above financial gain and status. This is their story.

Legacy - Surfing Now and Then, Director Antonio Matos da Silva (Portugal)

As the sport grows, more and more people surf. Do the surfing legends still relate to what pro surfing as become? Will Surfing be as mainstream as other sports? Can you teach the Aloha Spirit to mainlanders and surfers from new demographics? Meet the surfing pioneers while they compete for a World Title in the Azores islands and get to know their views on what is still to come.


The Golden Hour, Director Fernando Jorge Pereira Leal (Portugal)

Hugo Vau and his team surfs the biggest swell ever at Nazaré - land of the biggest waves in the world…

Flow State | Russell Bierke, Director Andrew Kaineder (Australia)

Flow State will take you an audiovisual journey, as Russ pushes his own boundaries. Along the way, he gives us insight, into what makes him tick and how the hell his feet stay glued to his board in the most critical of situations.

RE (Generation), Director Glen Casey (Australia)

Filmmaker Glen Casey and his daughter Willow venture to the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef on a surfing and diving odyssey with friends. A moving story about a father coming to terms with an uncertain future for his daughter confronted by climatic events and the worst fires in Australia’s history.

Unsurfed Afghanistan, Director Nico Walz (Germany)

Afri, a 3x World Surfing Games participant, has spent a lifetime searching the world's best coastlines for surf but never in his home country of Afghanistan.

More info and ticketing information at http://www.bbff.com.au