A week's worth of laydays, rumours of security dramas and claiming show that had many surfers clicking the close button on their browsers and vowing never to watch professional surfing again. This year's Billabong Pro Brazil definitely makes for a great conversation. Do post-wave claims have a place in professional surfing? If so, where? Here we have the world's elite claiming two-foot closeout head dips, while Laird Hamilton SUP's his way into death-bombs at Teahupo'o with barely a hint of nose-blow. There's something wrong with that picture.

Then there was Ace Buchan... or as a like to put it, The Ace situation... or simply "Ace Gate". Where, by many accounts, Buchan, ASP's newest Surfers' rep, was handed his marching papers courtesy of a priority mistake made by event staff.

So many topics, so many opinions and we want to hear them. If you missed any of the action, have a look at the highlights here.

Oh and congratulations Jordy Smith!