Six hours, 29 minutes and 26 seconds into the day three replay of the Da Hui shootout, Eddie Rothman’s crushed windpipe vocals croak onto the webcast and like a well-rehearsed politician with a penchant for plagiarised quotes he eventually drops the line, “This is for the people, by the people and it’s a banging contest.”

Say what you like about Eddie, you can’t deny he knows how to host a contest with a rootsier feel. It’s worth tuning in just to hear Eddie shoot from the hip and aim at everyone from the WSL to the local government. Da Hui’s alternative history of Hawaiian contests, which precedes the contest coverage, also makes for some very interesting viewing.


There’s hours of footage to scroll through here, but if you missed the event in real time you can certainly get your horizontal scroll on and pan for Pipeline gold. The waves are firing, the pidgin-spiced commentary is raw and with cameos from guys like Mason Ho and Eddie you know it’s going to be entertaining.

If you’d rather just see a twelve-point ride (yes the Backdoor shootout features scores above and beyond the clichéd perfect 10) check out Keito Matsuoka’s clip below.

Congratulations to event winner Tyler Newton.      

Check out Koa Rothman’s version of the event below.