Those were the words from a clearly dejected Kelly Slater as he sat with an icepack on his foot while waiting for an ambulance to take him to hospital for x-rays.

Reports at this stage suggest he was free surfing at Boneyards after the event kicked off when he pulled into a tube, but failed to exit, was compressed and buckled his foot.

Kelly described the incident to friends as the WSL cameras rolled.

“I was like, when am I gonna jump off, when am I gonna jump off, but I was just like i’ll ride right into it and just … oh man …”

Kelly looked on point in his round one heat, and during the freesurfs. You can be sure he was banking on turning his year around at this event and then moving onto Tahiti to solidify. But, with it looking unlikely he’ll surf again at J-Bay, and in his own words, probably miss Tahiti too, there’s no telling what this means for the 11-time world champion.

Kelly currently sits at 18th on the Jeep Leaderboard.

More updates to follow.