It doesn't have to be big and scary to have fun in WA. No, there are plenty of perfect beach breaks to keep you amused. The current summer like conditions have meant the usually slab hunting Brown brothers have to explore such options. And Cortney Brown, pictured here, is making it look rather good.

"Summer has well and truly set in for us up here in the NW, which means the winds usually come from the south and the swells are generally very small and that doesn't leave us with many options," says Mike Riley who captured this moment.

"Today was just an other summer day and I got the call from Kerby and Cortney saying they were frothing to go and do a few punts.  They were both going pretty mad out there but I think Cortney took down the photo comp today with this monster air reverse." And the winnings for such a lovely punt? "He wins a cold can of export with a hole in the bottom end!" says Mike.

We aren't going to argue. WA is definitely the promised land.