Unwanted Shapes is a global call out to shapers to create a surfboard made from Covid-19 waste with the winning boards to be ridden by CT stars at the MEO Portugal Pro. 
“It’s a unique challenge for shapers, but one that is so important to help raise awareness about a new global issue that affects all surfers and ocean lovers,” said Peter Mel, former Big Wave Tour World Champion. 
Mel is an ambassador for the project and will head an all-star shaper judges panel that includes Jon Pyzel, Timmy Patterson, Marcio “Sharpeye” Zouvi, Christiaan Bradley, and James “Chilli” Cheal. “Not only will they help highlight this massive issue, but they can gain huge exposure when the best surfers on the planet ride the boards at Supertubos,” Mel told Tracks.  
Obviously, 2020 was marked by the brutal impact of Covid-19 on the health, well-being, and economy of the world. Just one of the many side effects of the measures taken to stop the spread of the pandemic was the consumption and disposal of hundreds of millions of single-use masks, gloves and alcohol gel packs worldwide. Much of this newly created Covid-19 waste has ended up in our oceans.
This competition hopes to raise awareness of that issue and find possible solutions. Shapers can head to www.unwantedshapes.com and explain in their words or images how they think they could incorporate examples of Covid-19 waste into the making of a surfboard. The aim is not only to highlights the issue, but to eventually make a surfboard that will be ridden by CT stars in a special heat at the MEO Pro Portugal. 
“It will be interesting to look at the submissions and how shapers respond to the challenge,” said Jon Pyzel, of Pyzel Shapes, the man behind John John Florence’s crafts.  “Shapers are known for thinking outside the box and this open call provides an opportunity for some really creative thinking.” 
So for any shapers out there, get your lateral brains working and see what you can, theoretically, come up with. The world’s best shapers are waiting to see what you’ve got. Go to  www.unwantedshapes.com