Oh look another filthy slab for you to look on with envy. Another Brown brother tucking into a delectable left while you sit at your desk and ponder why on earth you signed up to the nine to five. The Brown Brothers are only slaves to waves and who can blame them when their state boasts some of the best in Australia. The pair are also pretty damn good on the other side of the lens and have a knack for capturing some amazing point of view angles. After feasting on barrels all morning Kerby grabbed his housing and bagged this shot of Courtney to remember the session. Here's what he had to say of the wave.

"This day my bro and I rocked up to this wave in the middle of nowhere. We paddled out just the two of us and it was pulsing. We were going wave for wave getting barrelled having the funnest surf. After I'd had more than my share of barrels I thought I'd quickly go in and grab my camera to capture at least one moment from the session. This was Corts first wave when I got back out, he got spat out into the channel and  decided he was content so we called it a day. Short and sweet. No need to get greedy ha ha. Winter is good for that!"

Photo: Kerby Brown