What’s more dangerous than facing the world’s best fast bowlers? Surfing Straddie apparently, according to Aussie cricket legend Matthew Hayden, who injured himself out there over the weekend.

The former test-opener and Sunny Coast local was holidaying on the island and surfing with his son Josh when he suffered the mishap, although it’s yet to be confirmed if the injury was the result of packing a throaty closeout late and deep, or the less claim-worthy act of going over the falls.

Nevertheless, Hayden was quick to show his gratitude to the locals who helped him out and express his stoke to be on the path to recovery.

‘Took on Straddie back bank yesterday and lost!’ he posted on his Instagram, before detailing his injuries in a further post: ‘Fractured C6, torn C5, C4 ligaments safe to say I truly have dodged a bullet.’

Considering those weird letter/number combos refer to vertebrae in Hayden’s neck, that last statement is particularly true. Tracks would like to wish Haydos a speedy recovery and take the opportunity to remind all you waxheads out there that surfing is the best thing ever, so stay safe.