Whether it's an Indonesian dream cylinder such as this, or two foot Newport, there's no beating the stoke levels of Dane Gudauskas. He was aboard our most recent Tracks trip to Indonesia for 'Sojourn', a film by Nathan Oldfield. You can pick up the DVD with the December issue of Tracks on sale now.

A conversation on interplanetary surfing also took place, chaired by Dave Rastovich. As you can imagine with a crew of open minded surfers shit got pretty deep. "When you're jamming in music it's like surfing. When a drum solo comes up and you lift your arms and hoot like 'whaaaam!' just like the funnest high line ever! If I surfed a wave in outer space, in another place, I would call it Tom Hanks," explained Gudauskas. Here Dane hides from the aliens in his happy place.

Photo: Simon Williams