Dane Reynolds (USA), 25, benevolent master of the fin waft and international charity.

VENTURA, California/USA (Tuesday, March 16, 2011) – The hearts and sympathies of the ASP family are going to our friends overseas in Japan right now and several of the world’s best surfers are doing their part to help those in need. Dane Reynolds (USA), 25, while sidelined with a knee injury, has gotten himself in the game in a big way to aid those in Japan. For the remainder of the week, Reynolds is donating 100% of all sales from his label, Summer Teeth, to Japanese Relief Effort via Relief International. As if that wasn’t enough, the young Californian has also pledged to personally match all sales and donate direct to the fund as well. Big moves from Dane and hats off to the rest of the ASP World Tour surfers for aiding our friends in Japan.

To get your hands on some tastey Summer Teeth threads with 100% of the profits going to the Japanese Relief Effort, check out MarineLayerProductions.com or go direct to SummerTeeth.com

T-Shirts AND a good cause…let’s get it going!