It has been a helluva winter for surfers on the east coast of Australia. The non-stop swell machine was on overdrive once again on Monday when another 10-12-foot east swell marched its way into the Sydney coast, which has been enjoying a winter to remember.

South Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches was dishing up below sea level drainers for the crew who wanted a piece of the action. That afternoon local 15-year-old grom, Kobi Clements, caught arguably the wave of the swell at his local. 

The wave broke the internet and interrupted regular transmission. Social media was in a spin and his peers, including, world champion, Tom Carroll, who was towing the same session, have been back slapping him and throwing him praise since. 

Having already clocked up nine seasons in Hawaii it’s no wonder he looked comfortable in the eye of the storm. Kobi is becoming a regular stand out among a very talented bunch of northern beaches chargers and is your typical grom, economical with words but full of wide-eyed enthusiasm for surfing.

Tracks gave Kobi a call to get the rundown on the wave that broke the internet this week. 

Tracks: You must still be floating on air after that wave. 

Kobi Clements: Yeah, stoked. 

What do you remember about that wave?

It was a pretty hard paddle out and it was the first wave in the first ten minutes that popped up. I turned last minute and the feeling was incredible. I was so stoked Fabio got the shot of the water angle. It’s pretty sick. 

How did you hold your nerve when that wave came through and you knew you had it?

It was just exciting. So exciting. It’s special because it’s your home break.    

Did you make the wave or did it clip you before the exit?

I travelled for a while and then it just clamped me towards the end. It was a big air-drop and I thought I was going to go over the falls but after I made the air-drop it was just perfect. 

It looks like Pipeline in July. How does that wave compare to others you’ve surfed around the world? 

It’s like a mini-mix of Pipe and Puerto Escondido kind of. 

What board were you riding?

I had a 6’10 Chilli that I’ve had for a half a year maybe. 

Did you paddle out with anyone and who was in the lineup with you? 

I paddled out by myself but there was Tommy Carroll on the ski and a couple of other guys on skis. Matt Dunsmore, Ollie Dousset was there and a few bodyboarders were out. 

I’m assuming you stayed out for longer than ten minutes or did you come in on that one?

Nah, after that wave I tried to paddle back out but got pretty pumped by sets and had to do a run-around. I managed to get two more other ones but nothing like that first one. 

What was it like to see your local turn on like that? It’s been a pretty good winter. 

Yeah two years ago there was a swell pretty similar but this one is definitely one to remember.