MONDAY_Sparksie_Sumatra_empty_100 Look closely at today's Mondayitis wallpaper – what do you see?

Pic: Sparkesphoto

Mondayitis Wallpaper:
Wetsuits, winter-winds and cold-water wax are a few things surfers dwelling in the Southern Hemisphere are soon to be done with – at least for the next four months. Summer's driving its fun bus into town and it's time we turn our attention small wave fun boards and boardshorts... There is always hope for a cyclone swell, especially on the east coast, but truth is the smaller waves prevail. Pulling up to a lineup like the one featured in this shot from David Sparkes a summer day dream. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun. But what do you see? If you're a goofy footer you probably see a sweet left, but I guarantee for everyone of you goofies there's a natural footer saying, "Damn – the right looks terrible!"  

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