Asher Pacer paddling. P–Pass. Pic: Swilly

Today's wallpaper reminds me an infamous (for fifteen minutes at least) headline that ran on a '90s issue of Tracks which proclaimed, "Surfing is better than sex!" This bold statement the drew the attention of the main stream press and shocked the conservative missionary position pundits in Australian communities.

How dare someone place the activity of surfing, a pastime for unemployed scallywags, ahead of the saintly pleasures of carnal knowledge, was the general outcry.

It was hilarious that so many mistook the sarcastic tongue-in-cheek (no, not tongue in bum) glorification of surfing as anything more than that. Like John Lennon's "Bigger than Jesus" Beatles claim in the sixties, it was meant as an over exaggeration. A new admittedly silly way for us to declare our love for the art of surfing (especially tube riding).

And why not? – Surfing inside a wave, where time slows to a crawl, is a cosmic return to the bosom of life. A trip back to the swirling marvel that is the creation of life. If you like the original sin – you're going to damn well love getting tubed that's for sure.

What does this have to do with Asher Pacey watching some poor sod miss an absolute screamer out at pumping P–Pass?

Well, perhaps it's what Asher's thinking that tells the story best.

Unfortunately we can't tell you exactly what that is – it's too rude...

What we can tell you it has something to do with him sticking his rig in that bowling hole and lovingly riding it for all it's worth.

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