With The Volcom Pro just around the corner Nate's first 'Friday Shutter Play' instalment is all about the Pacific's, Fiji.

Occy and Cloudbreak go together like white doves and peace. Pic: natesmithphoto

Note: Welcome to the first instalment of award winning photographer Nate Smith's 'Friday Shutter Play' photo / blog [Second to drop on June 8] Expect the unexpected every Friday as Nate surprises and tantalises your retinas with anything from a black and white portraits series to a red hot recent session. Either way it's going to be all quality images backed by the inside word from the man himself.

kay, this is my first instalment for my new weekly photo / blog, titled Friday Shutter Play This is going to be an ongoing thing and will change week to week, depending on what it is I feel like showing or have shot. It could be old stuff that I want to show and write words about or new trips that I've done for Tracks showing a few leftover shots. Either way it should be fun and for the photo geeks, I'll be showing a broad range of subject matter to get you inspired, hopefully!

Well, the first lot of photos for Friday Shutter Play is a piece on Fiji. With the upcoming WCT event looming, The Volcom Fiji Pro being the first event run at Cloudbreak since the Globe Pro back in 2008, I'd say there will be a lot of happy surfers, along with just anyone who has a job there or gets an invite, cough cough!

Fiji is one of the most beautiful places you could ever travel to, and if you're a surfer, Namotu and Tavarua are definitely on the pick of the bunch. In the past Tavarua was mainly where the US surfers stayed and Namotu was the Australian island of choice. But you must know they are both amazing, both idyllic and both picture perfect so no matter where you are, you're going to have a great time.

The islands have amazing and very friendly staff who are always fun to get to know. Kava night with traditional dancing is something to see and try, and the food on these islands is something else. If the surf is flat there are a lot of things to do; snorkelling, fishing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, table tennis are just a few of them. Or if you're really bored you could work and for me there is always something to shoot, even when it's flat.

Anyway, you will get the idea through these photos of how good this place actually is. Every surfer would be super stoked there is an event back on at Cloudbreak as the waves are simply the best when it's on. So if a swell hits and good weather prevails for the Volcom Fiji Pro 2012 I'd say it is going to be one outstanding event. Especially with some of the newer WCT members yet to experience it showing their stuff. So tune in come June 3 for something cool.

– Nate