“I’m crying right now just because I love surfing!” The words of a victorious Gabriel Medina after taking out the most important win of his career. Not only has he won the greatest contest in the history of surfing, he has just edged ever closer to becoming the first ever Brazilian World Champion.

There would’ve been a lot of people out there who saw the swell forecast for Teahupoo and felt a third victory of the year might have been a little out of reach for Medina in Tahiti, but with a super smart and hard charging performance he has well and truly put any doubts about his ability in waves of consequence to bed.

Gabriel Medina just made the biggest move of his career, now we wait to see if any of the other contenders have a counter. The challenge has been laid down.

We now move to Trestles where Gabriel will be looking to take his high performance game into the stratosphere. By all accounts it’s going to take something special to stop this young man.

Photo by Ed Sloane

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