All photos Mike Riley

Clay makes it look way too easy out there,” reveals photographer Mike Riley when prodded about this sequence from a recent trip to Northwest WA. The Hawaiian has been become a regular in the lineup, appearing each winter, camping under the stars for weeks on end and routinely stuffing himself inside heavenly blue caves.

“The fact that he has no wetsuit on is ridiculous and it makes it look like some Indo set up instead of windy, cold, WA in the middle of winter. He just flat out refuses to wear a steamer. Every time I ask him, ‘Are you cold?’ He just shakes his head and says, ‘Na bra! Just got to get lots of waves,’ rubs his hands together and paddles off.”

Clay Marzo’s approach is totally unique and been described as, "Elastic genuis," by Tracks deputy ed, Ben Bugden who spent time with the Hawaiian last year in the Ments during filming for Loco Loco. Quite simply his tube riding is second to none and is drawn to thick, heaving left slabs.

“He seems to love it over here in WA. The isolation and empty lineups keep him coming back every time, along with his girlfriend and just loves surfing waves that no one else wants to surf, just these weird little nooks and crannies."

This wave isn’t off the beaten path but takes a die hard breed of surfer to call it home each winter. “This wave can be notoriously crowded and it's not the easiest place to get a wave for even some of the best in the world. There are a few hardcore guys up there always getting the waves they want, but Clay managed to get this one off them before the day was over.”

Watch Clay go ham and eggs in the Mentawai Islands here,

Clay Day from Tracks Magazine on Vimeo.