The Tracks style issue is on stands now and within its freshly inked pages you’ll find quite a few shots of Mr. Craig Anderson. If there was ever a magazine that Craig deserved to feature in it is this one. There are few surfers with such an aesthetically pleasing way of riding a wave and we had to pick his brain about his approach and get an insight into his technique. To find out more you’ll have to pick up the issue, but in the meantime we contacted one of Ando’s biggest supporters and fellow Newcastle resident, Peter ‘Bosko’ Boskovic to get his view on Craig and his rise to the top of the freesurfing world.

Bosko On Ando

I went to check the surf one day at Merewether. I sat there for a minute watching when I saw this goofy footer who was surfing super silky. I waited to watch a few more waves before I could comment on the kid, but soon I asked the local boys in the carpark who he was.

“Who’s that kid? Fuck, he surfs like Machado”, I asked.

“Oh that’s Craig, Craig Anderson,” they replied.

“Craig who? Where’s he from?”


“You guys are fucking with me … really?”

“Serious, he’s from here. He just moved from South Africa with his family and lives here now.”

I waited for him to come out of the water in order to get to know more. He was such a polite kid, really good manners and appreciative, a Skinny runt with chicken legs. He had no sponsors in Australia, but was with Quiksilver in South Africa, however the sponsorship must not have rolled over when he left for Australia.

After a brief talk we exchanged phone numbers. I really felt for this kid and his family and wanted to do what I could to help him achieve his dreams – to make a living doing what he does best. He had so much potential … just in the style and grace of his surfing, which is very rare to find. So that’s how it started with Craig and I.

His dad Rod was often in touch. He needed reassurance that this was the right thing for Craig to be doing. “Is he wasting his time with this surfing thing or should he just get a job”, Rob would ask. I reassured him and asked that he give Craig time and he would make it. This was extra pressure on me now, so I had to make sure I got this kid working hard so he would make it. I think I wanted it more than anyone because I had reassured Rod he would make it, and I didn’t want to let him down.

Before long a trip to South Africa for Waves magazine (R.I.P) popped up. I fought hard to persuade the editor to get Craig on this trip, in order to surf, but also to revisit his homeland and see his grand parents and friends after years of absence.

Then there was this great concept that Waves had created called the Black Knight Awards. We needed seven freesurfers to be a part of this year-long project. At the end one surfer would be crowned the Black Knight.

The editor had me very involved in the process. They already had six guys picked and I fought for Craig to be number seven. The editor said no and that he wasn’t good enough. After pleading and begging him to get Craig on, he said, “If the kid doesn’t perform you’re sacked!”

Ryan Hipwood won the Black Knight Award, but the Waves Magazine award was won by Craig. The editor and the staff loved him.

From then on Craig learnt to be pro active. He has his own act, knows how to promote himself in a cool manner without going over the top. Everyone wants a piece of him now because his profile is so huge. He has created this for himself with hard work. He also has a few close friends that keep him in touch with reality, making sure he doesn’t get a big head and float away.

I’m very proud of him because he picked up the gauntlet and has never dropped it, he works very hard at what he wants to achieve and I love those ethics.

The one thing that really satisfies me is proving wrong the knockers who said he wouldn’t make it. In your faces!