Yesterday was a hangover day on the North Shore. Many of the QS qualifiers celebrated into the night having locked in their spot on the 2016 world tour. Despite a thinner crowd there were still plenty devotees scattered up and down the seven mile miracle taking advantage of the 4-6 foot conditions. “The waves looked good but it was tricky to ride,” said Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson who was posted up at Off The Wall for much of the day. World title contender, Adriano de Souza, was purposefully picking off bowling lefts while Brazilian freesurfer Yago Dora was springing into the stratosphere at every ramp that bent his way. However, it was American Nate Yeomans who picked off the most crowd pleasing pit of the day. Above are a selection of moments from one day on the North Shore.

All photos Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson