The past few days on the Gold Coast have been lived in a Groundhog Day rhythm. Each sunrise reveals yet another day of incontestable conditions at Snapper Rocks. The Quiksilver Pro last ran four days ago and cabin fever is beginning to set in for everyone on the Goldy. For the Top 34 it has meant strike missions down south are commonplace as surfers anxiously try to find some form before competition resumes (likely on Friday).

Yesterday evening a high performance freesurf session went down at D-Bah, a venue looking more and more as though it will host this year’s Quiky due to the dire forecast predicted for the remainder of the waiting period.

“The Brazilians were going mad … their stomp rate was pretty incredible,” said Tracks’ Deputy Editor Ben Bugden who was down there shooting the hi-fi session.

But the crowds that had clogged the Snapper lineup also swarmed on the only surfable option in close proximity to the contest site. “There were blatant burnings left right and centre to the point where Dusty [Payne] paddled out got faded, didn’t catch a wave and went in looking frustrated.”

This morning the WSL were working quickly to lay cable for the production team running the webcast so it seems inevitable that we will see a change in venues. Stay tuned for competition to resume on Friday at the Quiksilver Pro for Men's Round 2.

Watch it live here.