It’s been five years since the passing of Andy Irons in that Texas hotel room on November 2nd. Five years of asking how could that happen to one of the legends of our sport? I was a huge Andy fan. His unwavering passion, aggression and power encapsulated everything I knew and loved about surfing.

Much has changed five years on and Andy may not be competing at 37 had he been here today. However the Andy/Kelly rivalry remains the most talked about in competitive surfing history and certainly the most memorable. But Andy was much more than a competitive surfer. He had his flaws but was one of the true legends of our sport and a surfer everyone could relate to.

There will never be another Andy Irons – but the surfing world is that much richer thanks to his legacy. Above is a photo tribute from Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson as we look back at some of the defining moments in Andy’s career. RIP A.I.

Hear Kelly talk about Andy's legacy below.