All photos Russell Ord

For those of you not already tuned into the Tracks Wanderlust trip let me get you up to speed. This year Tracks travelled around Australia with serial frothers and super shredders, Mikey Wright and Louie Hynd.

The trip was split into three legs. First we scoured the East Coast for succulent point breaks, then we slunk around South Aus dodging locals, sharks and guillotine lips, and just now we hit the Wild West to test the aerodynamic properties of Mikey’s mullet vs Louie’s mop in WA’s roundest tunnels.

The Wanderlust crew hit the West Coast full of gusto but lacking any direction. Uninspired by Perth we looked at the map. That’s a lie; no one looks at maps anymore. We looked at our phones and came up with two options; Up North or Down South. In the spirit of that little burrito girl from the telly we figured ¿por que no las dos? Why don’t we have both?

Up North we battled barnacles and urchins and steppy-bastards of waves. We hung out with crusty old sea dogs, local legends and caravanning oldies who, like us, were hooked on adventure. The local surfers were welcoming enough but had a chuckle at Louie’s booties. The rest of us cut our feet on the reef like real men.

When we were sunburnt and dusty and our cut feet got infected we bailed down to the tranquil southwest. We chilled in the bush and chilled inside big watery caverns. Well, Louie and Mike did anyway. We surfed well-known reefs with local rippers and secluded beaches all on our lonesome. We barbequed, got stuck into the local vino and savoured the freedom of it all.

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the road. We’re lucky in this country to have such a beautiful and surf-rich coastline to explore. By golly we’ve made the most of it with Wanderlust, but it always seems like betraying the dream when you let the trip come to an end. Fortunately we’ve recorded it all for your viewing pleasure. Grab yourself a copy of the Wanderlust DVD on sale with this month’s issue of Tracks to check out the final stage in all its glory.

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