What happens when you let a bunch of surfers loose on Playboy?

Is that a bunny in your pocket? Pic Roberts/Nikon

What happens when some of the Gold Coast finest surfers crash a playboy party?

Apparently not much - The opportunity recently arose for Tracks to send a bunch of surfers to crash the Playboy fragrances party. I contacted the local contingent with their evites [their virtual pass to playtime with playmates]. Delusions of pijama clad patrons and furry ear’d females soon followed and the probability of complimentary hooch making their dreams that much sweeter. We sent surfers Ryan Hipwood, Luke Dorrington, Clint Kimmins, Ibis Bennetts and Dean Harrington to go and mingle in true Playboy Mansion style, photographer in tow in an attempt to capture some weird, creepy, bunny-licious imagery.

Luke Dozza with the blinkers on and Ibis "hunting wabbits". Pic Roberts/Nikon

Being surfers though, their attire wasn’t quite up to scratch, so getting through the front door was difficult – weird seeing old Hef rarely gets out of his pj’s - The boys managed to silver-tongue their way into the Broadbeach venue and all was well. For a little while… Being met by a couple of corset wearing bunnies was about as close to the “Mansion experience”, as they would get.

“It was a sausage fest and full of creepy porn mag subscribers! Even some old guy who tried to make himself look like Hugh Hefner” laughed Dozza as I probed for any secretive and/or sensitive happenings of the evening.

The lads did enjoy the offering of free Wild Turkey though whilst they watched a group of “hillbillies” play poker. I guess Playboy parties outside of the Mansion just aren’t what they’re cracked up to be – dreams shattered.

Pic. Roberts/Nikon