Heath Joske is on a mission. No doubt you’re following the Fight for the Bight campaign and are aware of his efforts to protect his beloved southern coastline. The campaign against Norwegian oil giant Equinor has energised and enraged surf communities from Ceduna to Burleigh heads. And it’s a long way from over. On May 15 Heath will fly to Norway to attend the Equinor AGM to make it clear just how riled up the Australian surf community is on this issue. He plans to take a stack of letters with him from people just like you.

So, start smashing the keys and let Equinor know just what you think of their plan to endanger our coastlines.

And then use this form letter and fill in the blanks and send to unitethebightelliston@gmail.com      

Dear Equinor,

I live right here in ….. Haven’t heard of it? Well it’s pretty ….. nice here: clean water, good waves, white sandy beaches, heaps of fish. People come from all over the world to get a little taste of what we enjoy in our backyard. The beach is a way of life for Australians. It’s a rich inheritance passed on from generation to generation, immortalised in our national anthem: “nature’s gifts, a beauty rich and rare”. And it would look ….house covered in oil and dead fish.

See, you may not have heard of…… but we’ve heard of you, Equinor. According to your own modelling if you ….. up this oil well you’re proposing to drill in the Southern Ocean it will spew ….loads of black goop up and down our great coastlines including right here in……

We know what an oil spill would look like. Deepwater Horizon is fresh in our memory. We know how hard it is to cap a deep-water oil well and the consequences when it spews into the ocean for months. And …. me! Do you know how wild the ocean gets down there off Ceduna! Clearly you don’t, or you wouldn’t be proposing to drill your deepest ever well in the middle of it.

And don’t tell me the Southern Ocean doesn’t get big swells in summer. That’s horse …. .

On top of all that the mainstream climate science is clear: we need to stop digging up fossil fuels if we want to a liveable planet for the generations to come. The world is moving towards a clean energy future and projects like this are just …. Australia down.

So, in summary, you can …… your ….. drill right where it…..

Yours truly,


Also please sign the Fight for The Bight statement of concern here (literally a five second process)