Surfing is a lot of things in 2018, but homogenous isn’t one of them. Foiling enthusiasts share the line-up with finless freaks. Groms ride everything from high-performance shorties to old-school twin-fins and logs. And a small, bespoke surfboard label featuring stylish designs atop their crafts not only exists, but thanks to social media, has grown and attracted the attention of admirers and consumers well outside conventional surf culture.

Nusa Indah Surfboards is the brainchild of Jada McNeill, a mother, designer and long-time surfer from the Mid North Coast of NSW. Begun as a personal project intended to inspire her back into the water after having children, Jada’s original creation nonetheless resonated with others and from there the company was born.

‘I needed something that made me feel good and I’ve always had a passion for colour and design,’ she recalls. ‘I documented the creation on social media and soon the orders were flooding in—first my sisters-in-law and friends, then total strangers who were inspired to try their hands at surfing after seeing my boards.’

Jada eyes off a bevy of her beauties.

Featuring silk and textile inlaid Batik designs and artist compositions, the boards are striking and look as much like art pieces as something you’d plonk under your feet and ride. According to Jada, this duality is a big part of her brand’s appeal.

‘When surfing is a part of your lifestyle it makes sense that this is enjoyed from your walls rather than piling boards up under the house. Our boards are now equally as popular for home décor as they are for surfing.’

This aesthetic popularity has attracted the attention of a wide variety of influencers from outside the world of surfing. Fashion celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Aerin Lauder and Lulu DK have shared their love for Jada’s creations; collaborations with well-known artists have helped expand the label’s range; and profiles in well-known international publications like US Vogue have put Nusa Indah Surfboards on the map as an aspirational lifestyle brand.

But what about the boards themselves? It’s one thing to look pretty, but if they surf like a lopsided dunny door then they aren’t much good to those wanting to put them through their paces. As a former surf school owner with years of Indo experience under her belt, Jada says the performance aspects of her boards are at the top of her priorities.

‘They’re incredibly lightweight, high-performance boards. I have great confidence in my team. They’ve been selected on their ability to tailor great shapes, as well as support my design aesthetic.’

So there you have it: high fashion meets function, Brooke Shields is a waxhead, and a small label from the Mid North Coast of NSW has worked out a way to show those with refined tastes what the rest of us have known for ages—there’s no better piece of art than a good-looking surfboard.

You can check out more of Jada's boards here

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