This year we took our annual Ride Guide to the heart of the Mentawais, where Tyler Warren, Robbie Rickard, Kolton Sullivan and Todd Rosewall posted up at John’s Place on Awera Island.

The circle of possibilities and our test pilots. Photo: Swilly

Our four, test pilots sampled designs from 20 of the finest shapers in OZ, slashing and carving across a host of dreamy set-ups to bring you the low-down on the boards.

It’s quite an eclectic mix of craft, but we are sure you will find several boards on our microsite that get you mighty excited. Each panel contains a video clip, a full review, board specs, photos and shaper details. Enjoy the digital window-shopping then treat yourself to a new ride. You deserve it.   

Check out the Microsite Here!

Thanks to our travel partners AirAsia and John's Place