After winning the Volcom Pipe Pro, the West Aussie charger now sits at number 1 on the QS ratings. Having just turned 21 and traveling with his Brazilian model girlfriend rather than his dad Trevor, Robinson is also serious as hell about CT qualification. 

It’s been a while since your win at Pipe. With a bit of time to reflect how important was that victory? 

At the time it was crazy, but now it just feels great to get a good start. I psyched to get back to work. I’m more excited about the next event rather than the Pipe win and  I haven’t felt like that in a while. I have some confidence and that’s when I’m always at my best. 

Had you lost some confidence? Your results on the QS outside Hawaii haven’t been great. 

Well, yeah, it can grind you down if you let it, but if you know how good your surf and don’t doubt yourself then you just have to go surfing. I still had that confidence in the water, even if the results weren’t there. I’ve always felt it’s just a matter of time. You have to keep knocking on the door. 

Also, even though you’ve been in the spotlight for ages, you still have plenty of time. 

For sure, I just turned 21. I’m still young and people forget that really. Last year I finished 39th on the QS so I was close enough that a few heats would have made a massive difference. With this win, I now feel even closer. 

And the ultimate goal has always been to qualify for the CT. You’ve never wavered from that? 

It’s always been the goal. I’ve never thought about anything else really. I mean being a good freesurfer and getting crazy clips is cool, but the CT is where I want to be. I love competing against those top guys and that’s where I see myself at. 

Do you think your ability and rep in heavy waves goes against you when you are competing in crappy waves? 

Maybe, but I’ve always had good times surfing fun waves and boosting big airs back home. However because we were always shooting in these crazy barrels that’s all most people would see of my surfing. Yet we are always hitting the beachbreaks, so it’s been a big part of my surfing. I can win heats in any conditions.

There’s so much more to the QS than just charging massive barrels. How do you go with all the rest of stuff that come with competing? 

I’ve always worked really hard with my shapers and have had great relationships with them. I’ve worked with Erik Arakawa for ages and he’s been so supportive. But I’m into anything that makes you surf better. I never get bored of surfing, or any of the prep that can make you a better surfer, be it training, drills or whatever. I’m right into that side of it.  

What's next then. What’s the plan? 

After Brazil for a QS down there I head straight to Oz for the two six stars Australian leg. So I’m back in the QS warrior mode. I just had four months in Hawaii, but over here you never lose much in regard to your performance. You are still training and surfing loads so I’m in good nick. However I know this is just the start of a long year. There’s plenty to do. 

I also see you’ve been living and traveling with your girlfriend. How has that affected you? 

My girlfriend Julia (Muniz) has been such a positive influence. She’s lived in LA and has done a lot of modeling, but she’s been coming on most of my trips. Dad’s been busy at home, so he’s been there keeping everything organized. Julia  keeps an eye on me in terms of the training and my diet. She’s also a great motivator which has helped too. 

So just checking, you’ve won at Sunset and Pipe this winter, you are number 1 on the QS and you have a Brazilian model as a girlfriend. The question is; are you happy?  

I’m in a good place now. There was a lot going on last year and I had a lot to figure out. And I learned from that and grew as a result. My Dad always said you can’t think you know everything and it’s true. Look, ya know Dad is good and he’s been so supportive for ever. He’s always been there for me and I think I’ve turned out all right. I’m just getting on with life, having loads of fun and winning heats. So yeah, mate, I’m happy. I’m always happy.