Jaleesa Vincent is a 19-year-old from the Sunny Coast, and she is possibly female surfing’s first genuine free surfer. Whilst there are many female “free surfers” Jaleesa fits a mould more traditionally suited to the term as she has zero interest in competition.

Jaleesa in black and white and championing the bowl cut.

It’s the girl’s style that sets her apart – she boasts the Craig Anderson cocked back knee, combined with some Steph Gilmore hand-jive and a splash of Otis Carey in the air. In addition to her dazzling surfing approach she plays music and creates amazing art.

Jaleesa casually bending a back knee to meet the interior demands of the tube.

Like Otis Carey, Jaleesa is on the Mistfit shapes team and she has also just signed with “The Bong” (Billabong), furnishing her with the funds to travel and lock down more footage. Unlike many of the females on the Billabong team, Vincent won’t be posting bikini shots and bums #mybikinilife. She is focused on the surfing and has been given the freedom to do so by the brand.

Limp-wristed, knock-kneed bottom turn that Jaleesa borrows from others, but still makes her own.

“I think I’ll use the #lifesbetterinboardshorts,” Vincent told me over a cold beer on a tropical beach, far from the shores of Aus. “It’s pretty cool, I’m kind of just making it up as I go along, I’m kind of the girl/boy surfer on the team.”

Jaleesa smashing the coping with confidence.

Older brother Jake has always been there to influence Jaleesa’s surfing, telling her from a young age that style was key. “I remember when I was nine I stood in the kitchen, practicing keeping my knees together.” While she also attributes her graceful approach to Gilmore’s influence, Jaleesa is constantly looking for new inspiration. “Currently, I have been absolutely frothing on old 70s footage of Buttons Kaluhiokalani.” Fun is a key ingredient in the Vincent family, Jaleesa prefers to slide on a boog or glide on her 6’ 6” single fin over doing backhand snaps. With musical influences like Patti Smith, Sonic Youth and Courtney Barnett, you know Jaleesa’s clips will be edgy and exciting. She is currently on her way to Lakey Peak to film something with a twist of style and panache to announce her arrival on the Billabong team. The shots featured were taken while hanging with Jaleesa and her boyfriend in the tropics. 

Rolling-in on an enticing little corner.