5:45pm – nope

7:00pm – nup

8:00pm – nope

10:00pm – nah

11:00pm – yawn … no

12:00pm – unconcious

And so it was that sometime in the dead of night, long after your Tracks correspondent’s head hit the pillow, round four of the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal kicked off. Who needs to count sheep to get some shuteye? Just count little bobble-head style Commissioner Perrow’s delivering standby after standby update … shits more potent than the strongest of benzos.

Speaking of potent, can anyone stop JJF’s dominant run toward an early world title in Portugal?

After an inspection of the heat analyser this morning, it seems there are three surfers with half a chance – Kolohe, Mick and Gabby.

Kolohe will have the first shot when he meets Jeep ratings leader in the second quarterfinal. He also had a chance in round four but failed to take down the Hawaiian, despite surfing on point and sticking everything he tried. It will be an interesting match-up, but Kolohe is gonna have to shift into a higher gear. Perhaps less emphasis on claims, and more on the part beforehand would be advantageous.

Gabby and Mick meet each other in quarterfinal four, so only one of them will be in with a shot of spoiling John’s run to the trophy should he advance past Kolohe.

An outside shot and perhaps where the quiet smart money is, is with Julian Wilson. He’s won the event before, but will first need to best Seabass, who’s been in fine form thus far in the event.

I guess what we’re trying to say is that it’s gonna be tough work for anyone to stop JJF and depending on when the comp runs again, we may very well be crowning a world champion on the next day of competition.