John Respondek’s imagery has been gracing the pages of Tracks for a long time now. It’s always a highlight, but all of that great imagery which makes it to the printed page is but a drop in the ocean of John’s work.

That’s why John has decided to release a series of beautifully put together books. Each an extensive photo essay focusing on one surfer. The first to drop is Dion Agius. Dion has been one of Sponna’s most regular traveling companions over the last five years and rather than have all the imagery they’ve created together sit locked away on a hard-drive decided to pour it all into one creative package.

The book showcases a rare insight into the world of Dion and his adventures to unique locations in Israel, Panama, Indonesia and Australia.

Respondek’s photography is complemented with glimpses into the psyche of this eccentric surfer, peppered with commentary and musings from Dion himself.

“This book is such a ‘moment piece’ for me,” says Dion. “It covers the last five years of my life and it just so happens I was travelling with one of my best friends, who is also a rad photographer.”

John adds, “we’ve experienced a bunch of published success in editorial exposure and advertising campaigns, but there’s still so much imagery that deserves a chance to shine. It’s great to have the opportunity to catalogue these into a complete and tangible art piece for people to enjoy.”

Visit to purchase ‘Dion. By Respondek’.

Dion by Respondek from john respondek on Vimeo.