Jon Pyzel has been putting craft beneath the feet of John John Florence for more than fifteen years. Despite being the guy who helps fly John John to a blue moon, Pyzel is a humble guy who loves surfboards and riding waves more than just about anybody you’ll meet. In this podcast Pyzel bounces off surf industry maverick, Bob Hurley, and responds to a bunch of questions from surfers and board enthusiasts.

Pyzel offers candid insights into the boards he makes for John John ( now apparently very similar to his stock boards on the rack) and discusses interesting subjects like the correlation between body type and optimal board choice. Meanwhile Hurley (a former shaper) proves to be an entertaining and dialled-in co-host.Β Β 

It’s easy-listening, unpretentious and informative – two buddies having a casual chat about something they love and certainly understand – surfboards.

As you might expect The Ghost, The Phantom and the Padillac (the cool story behind the name) are all high on the agenda.

Check it out.Β Β