That’s right two surf fans are going to ride a piece of chocolate perfection with surfing’s Willy Wonka.

"I've had more requests than any one person can field or imagine about the Surf Ranch,” said Slater. “I am excited to be giving away the chance of a lifetime to whoever wins these tickets. I'm inviting a few pros to join us. So the winner will get to come hang at Surf Ranch for a few days and share waves and get tips from some of the best surfers in the world.”

Now who wouldn’t want the keys to Kelly’s ranch for a couple of days? And when the sun goes down, the party keeps going with bonfires, jam sessions and more with Kelly and his friends. Flights and lodging included.” Yes please!

Here’s how you enter.  

“Fans can enter for the chance to win their golden ticket to surf Kelly’s exclusive wave for as little as $10 through Omaze. Funds raised benefit WSL PURE, the philanthropic initiative of the World Surf League, dedicated to supporting ocean health through the key areas of research, education and advocacy. Every donation gives you a chance to hang with the greatest surfer of all time, while supporting critical efforts to help heal the world’s oceans.”

Now $10 will get you 100 entries. But if you want to shell out some more coin there are other perks such as a signed Slater Designs surfboard for $7,500 and 75,000 entries or a Turtle Bay Resort stay and VIP access to the Pipe Masters for $50,000 and 500,000 entries. Sheez. It’s hardly the cost of a chocolate bar...

But don’t worry your money is going to a good cause. WSL Pure is “the philanthropic arm of the World Surf League, WSL PURE is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to improving the health of the planet’s oceans—a cause relevant to all of us.”

I just hope some rich kook doesn’t win. Who wants to see some guy going over the falls on a foamie, barrel dodging or hugging the shoulder sporting a dumb grin? Gimme a guy who rips to be a real barometer to us average joes.

Enter to win here. Entries close September 12.

Here’s a reminder of what’s up for grabs. 

Looking into the Future from Kelly Slater Wave Co on Vimeo.